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...walking the walk

By Woofpack, Oct 12 2014 11:46AM

Bonfire season is almost with us and whilst it’s great for to kids, parties and get-togethers, it also can be a terrifying time for dogs and cats. If you’re living in a community there will be displays of differing sizes, lengths and volumes going on around you from early evening to late; that’s going to be a fact of life. This year (2014) Guy Fawkes falls midweek so you can assume that celebrations will start the previous weekend and carry on well into November.

On the day your dog needs to have been walked well before dusk when displays generally start. It’s good to have a room in the house where your dog feels secure and relaxed; it’s also useful if you have blackout blinds to mask out the flashes from the fireworks. Close windows and curtains and put on some calming music. Your dog will probably still be aware of the bangs and crashes however it’s a good idea not to fuss over your pet as this only amplify the problem. Above all it’s important to have somewhere where your pet can retreat to where they feel safe. If you can be around the house, this additionally will help your dog feel more relaxed.

You can also use a plug in DAPT diffuser which emits calming pheromones (similar to those a puppy would experience from his or her mother) available from your vet. These create a safe feeling for your dog and help calm him down in the run up to or during the firework party season. You can also use natural remedies like Dog Rescue five flower remedies that you can simply drop onto their coats as well as some homeopathic treatments such as Kali Phos. On this final point, its important to stress that you will need to refer to your local vet, homeopath or ideally homeopathic vet for specific advice.

I’ve also come across noise phobia treatments which help dogs over time (a month and a half) conquer their fear or fireworks and loud noises. One such system is called Sound Therapy 4 Pets (which is recommended by the RSPCA) which sounds effective although I’ve had no experience of it.

By and large don't get stressed about Fireworks, use your common sense and keep safe!





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