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@FRWoofpack thanks for keeping a close eye on Ted when he was poorly yesterday. Fantastic service. He's on the mend now!

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Juth CGee: Forest Row



We offer three options for our weekly dog walks that are fun, varied with some play and interaction to ensure your pets are stimulated, exercised and happy!  We walk groups of up to 4 dogs at a time


30 minute walk 

Best for young dogs, seniors or smaller dogs all who tire quickly.  We’ll collect your dog and will take him on one of the shorter versions of our Forest walks


60 minute walk

We have several routes around the Forest we regularly use that range from the flat through to hilly – perfect for burning off surplus energy!


Individual walks

We offer both 30 and 60 minute walks as an individual offer.  Same as the group walks except loads more attention!!


What happens

•  We collect your dog from your house  

  in our spacious four wheel drive  

  truck – the dogs have their own  

  naturally ventilated compartment

  with windows.  

•  We walk our packs well away from

  roads and traffic on or off the lead

  (according to your preference) but

  under control the entire time.  

•  When we return your dog home we’ll

  ensure he has fresh water & a good

  towelling down if it’s been raining or

  if he’s been for a paddle!  

•  We will provide regular reports of

  your dog’s experience on the walk.




30 min

group walk






per session

60 min

group walk






per session

Individual dog walks






per session







per visit

Day or weekly service: Going away on holiday but prefer not to place your pets in kennels or in the cattery whilst you’re away? We can live in and provide your pets companionship and one-to-one attention as well as continuing with their routine.

The service will include:


• At least two hour long walks a day!

• Lots of attention

• Feeding according to their schedule  

 and fresh water

• Grooming and brushing if required


We’ll ensure that plants are kept watered, mail collected and ensure that the house is secure whilst you’re away.  We will also ensure that your fridge is stocked with the basics in time for your return.


Contact us via enquiries@woofpack.co.uk or call 07720 895 609 for a chat about yours and your pet's requirments

Pet & house sitting

If you’re going to be out during the day and don’t necessarily need your dog to be walked...

• we will drop in and let him or her out  

 for a toilet break

• Feed them if required

• pay them lots of attention

• ensure that their water bowl is



If you’re off on holiday, having a day out or away on business we can feed your pets at their normal time, clean up after them as well provide some play and companionship.  We will also let them out in the garden or take them for a walk around the block. Within the service we can additionally open and close curtains, turn lights on and off, water plants, collect mail and ensure that your house is secure.


Going away on holiday?



per visit



For three visits+






per day

We will take your pet to his or her appointment with the vet and will stay there and be with your pet when he or she sees the vet.  We will then bring your pet home and ensure that they’re happy and comfortable as well as have fresh water.  We will take notes during the appointment and report back to you so that you have a comprehensive record of your pet’s state of health as well as the vet’s recommendations.  We will also organise follow-up visits if required.


Pet taxi


per hour plus



                              per mile


(If over a 5 mile round trip)



Before we start any of our services, it’s important that we meet your pet, understand their routines, likes and dislikes and get to know them.  Aside from recording all required details, we will take your pet on a trial walk on a follow up visit.  The consultation and the trial walk are both free of charge.


We prefer not to walk bitches in season with the pack as well as walking dogs who are aggressive to other animals and people.


Call us on 07720 895 609 so we can discuss what your pet's needs




For two visits






per day


Alastair looked after our much loved animals and house whilst we were away and we cannot fault the caring yet professional service he provided.  Alastair enabled us to enjoy our holiday in the knowledge that our animals and house were in safe hands. We would not hesitate to recommend Alastair, in fact we have already booked him for our next holiday!    


Melanie Poole



per visit plus


             per mile


(If over a 5 mile round trip)






per mile (if over a 5 mile round trip)


Add £7 per additional dog from the same household